Cody Robibero

Software Engineer

Full-stack software engineer with a focus on API/Backend development

Aurora, Colorado 80015 US
GitHub @crobibero
LinkedIn @codyrobibero


Nymbl Science

Senior Software Engineer Mar 2021 - Feb 2024

Full-stack development with a focus on API development

  • Migration from .NET Framework to .NET 7.0
  • Migration from ASP.NET Framework to ASP.NET Core WebAPI
  • Migration from Xamarin.Forms to .NET Maui
  • Migration from Entity Framework 6 to Entity Framework Core 7
  • Internal application built in .NET Maui for PGP encryption and decryption
  • Automated processing of user eligibility files
  • Implement backend functionality to serve multiple web applications and mobile application
  • Implement views and functionality into the Xamarin.Forms mobile application
  • CI/CD pipline to publish the .NET Maui mobile application to BrowserStack, TestFlight, and Play Store alpha channel utilizing GitHub Actions
  • CI/CD pipeline to publish the .NET ASP.NET Core WebAPI to Azure WebApp
  • CI/CD pipeline to publish multiple Vue.js applications to Azure Static Web Apps


Software Engineer Dec 2017 - Feb 2021

Resposible for all client-facing infastructure

  • Client Portal - Allow clients to view call history, manage call routing, and create report templates
  • Dashboard Service - Service to summerize customer call and sms data into a customizable and dynamic dashboard
  • Report Service - Generate scheduled dynamic reports based on client templates
  • SMS Service - Send and recieve sms to Toll-Free numbers
  • Web Phone - WebRTC to SIP based phone client
  • Conference - WebRTC video converencing
  • Number API - API to lease, reserve, and search for available phone numbers
  • Billing Platform - Automated invoide generation and customer rate management

ClassLink Inc

Software Engineer Oct 2016 - Dec 2017

Resposible for development of OneSync, a web-based service for automated account creation into Microsoft Active Directory and Google Directory

HVEA Engineers

IT Specialist Aug 2016 - Oct 2016

Created an internal website for collecting and managing samples, tests, reports, and schedules


Backend Development
ASPNET Core, C#, OpenIddict, Azure
Mobile Development
Xamarin, Maui, MVVM, C#
GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines


Jellyfin Media Server

May 2020 - Present
  • Core Server Team
  • Lead Plugin Team


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Sep 2012 - May 2016
Bachelors of Science Computer Science


English: Native speaker
Danish: Limited working